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Gaelic language place names and associated literature

Gaelic language (teanga na Gaeilge) place names and associated literature: their intrinsic value in contributing to understanding the essential nature of land conserved or managed as woodland in the past present and future. This section of the website is for the ongoing accumulation and presentation of information regarding how recognising the meaning of Gaelic words […]

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Lichen Project

The Lichen project which commenced in 2021, examines the concept of “Ancientness” using cryptogamic botany* information to complement extant data in Irish Woodlands, and involves an experimental approach to induction training of the 2 staff members of Woodlands of Ireland, by Howard Fox and Maria Cullen. This was an ambitious undertaking to visit and collect

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Hedge Project

Ireland is unique both in Europe and the world in terms of density of hedges on earthen banks as concluded by Muller (2013) While there is state/semi-state interest in calculating the carbon store potential of the hedge habitat zones in Ireland currently due to the Climate Change Crisis, the sustainable management of the resource

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