Publications available…….. and a must for anyone working with native woodlands:

Native Woodland Information Notes

In support of the Native Woodland Scheme The first seven in a series of technical bulletins focused on the establishment and management of native woodlands. These come in an attractive A4 ring binder folder and are available free of charge. Subsequent notes – which will be published on an ongoing basis – will be automatically […]

Deer and Forestry in Ireland

The report commissioned by Woodlands of Ireland on a National Deer Strategy is available here: Deer and forestry in Ireland: A review of current status and management requirements

Realising Quality Wood from Ireland’s Native Woodlands

Silvicultural Guidelines for Wood Production in the Context of the Native Woodland Scheme, 2005 This publication provides guidance to practitioners and landowners on how to achieve quality wood whilst maintaining and enhancing woodland biodiversity. It addresses the overriding objective of the Native Woodland Scheme (NWS) which is biodiversity maintenance and enhancement. – The report assesses […]

Natural Capital Values of Native Woodlands

In 2012, Woodlands of Ireland commissioned a report on the natural capital value of Ireland’s native woodlands. The task of compiling this report was undertaken by Optimize Ltd and was completed in late 2013 after editing. Subsequently, an abbreviated version of the report with key findings and recommendations was produced and designed to make it […]

Landscaping with Native Species

A recently developed website on landscaping with native species targeted at local authorities, landscape designers, schools and the general public.

A Strategy for Native Woodlands in Ireland 2016-2020

A 5-year vision for our native woodlands in Ireland developed by Woodlands of Ireland in partnership with native woodland stakeholders. Woodlands of Ireland urges all stakeholders to promote the targets outlined in this Strategy for the benefit of our native woodland and society. A strategy for native woodlands in Ireland: 2016 – 2020

Management Guidelines for Ireland’s Native Woodlands

John Cross & Kevin Collins A joint initiative between the Department of Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht and the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine, the new book provides owners and practitioners with key information on establishing and managing native woodlands as a living part of our countryside, to realise their full potential. It […]

Twenty Years A-Growing

The 2018 Native Woodland Conference Report The second National Native Woodland conference was hosted by Woodlands of Ireland on April 30th and May 1st, 2018. The conference report details all aspects of the conference, including the interactive presentations (videos, slides and abstracts), conclusions and Key Performance Indicators. Woodlands of Ireland – 2018 Conference Report

Woodland Environmental Fund

In support of the Native Woodland Scheme An exciting initiative where the corporate sector provide additional funding to the Native Woodland Scheme in recognition of the multitude of ecosystem services provided by the establishment of new native woodlands. Forest Service (DAFM) Woodland Environmental Fund leaflet(Sept 2018)

The Wilderness concept, Native Woodlands and Ireland

How the concept might be applied with reference to the mission of Woodlands of Ireland The Wilderness concept is currently very topical internationally and a number of stakeholders have asked how this might apply in Ireland. In 2017, Woodlands of Ireland was asked by Colm Massey, Chair, Solidarity Economy Association, if it was possible to […]

Host a Hive Initiative

In support of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan The press release of the Host a Hive Initiative with details of how Native Woodland Scheme woodland owners can link with beekeepers to host a beehive on their property. Host a Hive Initiative & World Bee Day Press Release (May2019)_0

Woodlands of Ireland Audited Accounts

Annual Accounts Audited Accounts 2021 Audited Accounts 2020 Audited Accounts 2019 Audited Accounts 2018 Audited Accounts 2017 Audited Accounts 2016 Audited Accounts 2015 Audited Accounts 2014

Ireland’s Native Woodland: Conference Proceedings

Galway, 8th – 11th September, 2004 Abstracts available free as a pdf here on the Publications page. Full presentations on CD-ROM are available from Woodlands of Ireland at €10 each. The CD-ROM contains 30 presentations, inclusive of tables and figures, under the following themes; Theme 1: The Background to Native Woodland Development in Ireland Theme […]

Our Trees

A Guide to Growing Ireland’s Trees and Shrubs in celebration of a new Millennium As part of the People’s Millennium Forests project, this publication, which is targeted at all stakeholders, was produced by the project. A very popular publication, it provides general information on our native trees and shrubs and in particular, guidance on growing […]

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