TAP Groups

Technical Advisory Panel of Woodlands of Ireland

Discussion documents

A Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) group is typically established to provide technical expertise and guidance on specific matters or projects. The formation of the most recent series of TAP expert committees/groups in 2021/22 is generally preceded by the circulation of discussion documents on specific subjects.

Each group uses a Terms of Reference document for the working of the groups, it is used as a guide for structure and procedure, if required.

There are currently three groups active with a fourth due for introduction. Please click on the name of the TAP group below to view the discussion document:

  1. Seed Collection and Sustainable Plant Production
  2. Mapping Potential Protective Forest Zones
  3. Native Woodland Scheme Conservation Measures Review
  4. Native Tree Cover Expansion Aspects


TAP meetings and field trips on each topic take place to discuss important issues and solutions that may impact native woodlands in Ireland. If you are interested in being involved in one or more of these Technical Advisory Panels, you can get in contact with Woodlands of Ireland by email info@woodlandsofireland.com

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