Host a Hive Initiative

In support of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, Woodlands of Ireland and the Forest Service have joined forces with the bee organisations in Ireland to support honeybees and promote pollination services. Native Woodland Scheme (NWS) woodland owners who are in receipt of NWS premiums will receive a letter outlining how they can host a beehive in their woodlands. As bees are under threat from disease and climate-related factors, this initiative addresses bee welfare and pollination services in woodlands and surrounding crops, especially fruit and vegetables. You can read an abstract below from the press release of the Host a Hive Initiative with details of how Native Woodland Scheme woodland owners can link with beekeepers to host a beehive on their property.


“As part of the celebrations of World Bee Day today 20 May, 2019, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Andrew Doyle T.D., today announced a “Host a hive, help the honey bee” initiative. This initiative aims to encourage forest owners to introduce beehives to their native woodlands and is in partnership with Woodlands of Ireland and the national beekeeping associations. It is also supported by the Native Irish Honeybee Society.

You can read the full press release by clicking on the link highlighted:  Host a Hive Initiative & World Bee Day Press Release (May 2019)




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