Woodland Environmental Fund

In support of the Native Woodland Scheme

An exciting initiative where the corporate sector provide additional funding to the Native Woodland Scheme in recognition of the multitude of ecosystem services provided by the establishment of new native woodlands.

Click the following link or click on the cover image to download a copy in PDF format – Forest Service (DAFM) Woodland Environmental Fund leaflet(Sept 2018)


“The Woodland Environmental Fund (WEF) provides an access point for individual businesses to help expand Ireland’s native woodland resource, by providing additional incentives to encourage landowners to plant new native woodlands that they may not have otherwise planted, had that additional support not been provided. This relationship benefits the State by contributing to national targets regarding native woodland afforestation. It enhances the reputation of the participating business, as that business is associated with the creation of a tangible environmental asset that will become a permanent feature of the landscape. These forests will benefit society on an ongoing basis through the ‘delivery’ of the important ecosystem services set out above.

WEF is an ideal ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) project, as the restoration of Ireland’s once-vast forests of oak, birch and alder invokes a shared emotion amongst many of its citizens. Therefore, involvement in the WEF can contribute to a more cohesive society, as people who associate themselves with the participating business – either through their own business dealings or through employment, or by buying their products – can feel part of a collective effort to restore this important piece of Ireland’s natural heritage. As a CSR project, WEF goes beyond the immediate boundaries of the business itself. It demonstrates a willingness to tackle, in a tangible way, wider societal issues relating to biodiversity, water quality, climate mitigation, and health and well-being.”





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