Native Woodland Information Notes

In support of the Native Woodland Scheme

The first seven in a series of technical bulletins focused on the establishment and management of native woodlands. These come in an attractive A4 ring binder folder and are available free of charge. Subsequent notes – which will be published on an ongoing basis – will be automatically posted to those already in receipt of a folder. (Note No. 4 on ‘Riparian Woodland, identification, design, establishment and management’ was updated and reprinted in January 2017 – download the pdf here on the Publications page for further details).

Chairman’s Statement – An Introduction to the Native

(1) Cartographic and historical sources for native woodlands

(2) Woodland management history: an overview

(3) Rhododendron control management in native woodlands – Updated version coming soon.

(4) Riparian woodland identification, design and management

(5) Design, stocking and establishment of new native woodlands

(6) Native woodland classification and its application to native woodland management.

(7) The Management of Deer in Native Woodlands

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