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Hedgerow Appraisal System

This Heritage Council funded publication outlines an agreed hedgerow survey methodology and data appraisal system. Future hedgerow surveys will be encouraged to adopt the survey methodology and data assessment outlined in order to produce consistent and reproducible datasets. Best practise guidance on hedgerow surveying, data collation and appraisal

Realising Quality Wood from Ireland’s Native Woodlands

Silvicultural Guidelines for Wood Production in the Context of the Native Woodland Scheme, 2005 This publication provides guidance to practitioners and landowners on how to achieve quality wood whilst maintaining and enhancing woodland biodiversity. It addresses the overriding objective of the Native Woodland Scheme (NWS) which is biodiversity maintenance and enhancement. – The report assesses …

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Host a Hive Initiative

In support of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, Woodlands of Ireland and the Forest Service have joined forces with the bee organisations in Ireland to support honeybees and promote pollination services. Native Woodland Scheme (NWS) woodland owners who are in receipt of NWS premiums will receive a letter outlining how they can host a beehive in …

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The Wilderness concept, Native Woodlands and Ireland

Woodlands of Ireland have addressed the Wilderness concept and how it may apply in Ireland, with particular reference to native woodlands. It is a starting point to stimulate debate on this very current and topical issue. See our Publications page for further details. 

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