RDS Irish Forest and Woodland Awards 2025

The RDS Irish Forest and Woodland Awards 2025

In 1987, the RDS organised the first Forestry Awards Ceremony, known as the Irish Forest & Woodlands Awards which sought to recognise the importance of forestry in the rural and national economy. That tradition continues in celebrating farmers and woodland owners that have adopted Climate-Smart Agricultural practices on their properties in Ireland. With a prize fund of €12,000 the awards promote the economic, environmental and social benefits of good forestry and farming. From magnificent historic woodlands, to innovative commercial forests, the awards reveal inspiring examples of the benefits and diversity of forestry in Ireland.


There are four prize categories that you can enter:

  1. Silvicultural Excellence Award (previously Production Forestry Award)
  2. Teagasc Farm Forestry Award
  3. Community Woodlands Award
  4. Native Woodland Conservation Award

Native Woodland Conservation Award

The Native Woodland Conservation Award aims to recognise excellence in the conservation and management of native forests and semi-natural woodlands which are regarded as ancient or long established* (See description below) and managed in a sustainable way that is both beneficial to biodiversity and the local economy. Woodlands of Ireland proposed the idea of the native woodland conservation award and worked with the RDS to develop its introduction for  the 2024 RDS Irish Forest and Woodland Awards.


  • The winner in each category will receive a cheque for €2,000 and an RDS Trophy.
  • Each runner-up will receive €1,000 and an RDS Certificate of Merit.
  • The shortlisted in each category will be announced in local newspapers and on the RDS social media channels.
  • All of the unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter from the judging panel to share constructive feedback.

Applications Open

Award winners will be announced at the 2025 RDS Spring Agriculture and Forestry Awards ceremony which will take place in the RDS Concert Hall next year. Everyone with woodland is encouraged to enter as all woodlands, large or small, are of merit. Judges will have the option to visit all short-listed entries over the coming months. The application forms are available to download on the RDS website: www.rds.ie/agriculture/forestry or via email from Forestry@rds.ie  

Applications close at 12pm, Monday, September 9, 2024

Note: *Areas must be ancient or long established as described in ‘A provisional inventory of ancient and long‐established woodland in Ireland’ (NPWS 2010) pages 5-6 in the link below: https://www.npws.ie/sites/default/files/publications/pdf/IWM46.pdf



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